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Posted on 12 Mar 2013 0 comments

What Makes Smart Media Group Different

  • Smart Media Group tracked and analyzed half billion dollars in spending by 233 advertisers in 46 elections in 2010, including three of the top five highest spending campaigns and the largest non-presidential buy.
  • In 2010, we were active in 143 markets. Local ads placed by Smart Media Group reached 85% of American households, including all of the 16 largest markets.
  • SMG’s traffic department made 1,200 traffic changes involving 630 spots for over 50 advertisers. In October alone, we made an average of 18 traffic changes per day for 30 clients.
  • In a 2010 Republican primary decided by less than 20,000 votes, SMG paid 22% less than a local agency buying their home market, earning an additional 500 GRPs for the same budget.
  • Our staff is 50% larger than any other Republican agency, averaging 15 years buying experience. In 2010, we were active in 143 markets.
  • Our extensive knowledge of FCC political regulations saved our clients an average of 30%. We are the only firm to file a formal complaint with the FCC in the past 10 years against a broadcast group for improper
    political sales policies. In 2010, we successfully defended 50 challenges to our commercials, keeping all spots on the air.
  • All of our media schedules are reconciled spot by spot making our clients refunds 10 times higher than the industry standard. In 2008, we returned more than $2 million to our clients which would have been kept by media outlets.
  • 80% of our media schedules were uploaded electronically to the stations, reducing our turnaround by one business day and spots running incorrectly by 50%.

  • We placed the largest interactive political buy in 2010 of any candidate or issue group and generated 200,000 Facebook friends.

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