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What types of ads can I buy online?

Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 in Digital, Smartpedia | 0 comments

Unlike traditional media there are more options than just :30 vs. :60 video or audio when it comes to ad type available online. Some of the most common types of online ads available are standard display banners, video, streaming audio, rich media banners, and text ads.

•Standard Display Banners- Static or animated non-interactive ads on a webpage
•Rich Media Banners- Interactive display banners that may play video, expand, or allow for in ad interaction
•Streaming Audio- :30 or :60 radio spots that play in streaming radio players such as Pandora, Spotify or iHeartradio
•Video- :15, :30, or :60 pre-roll (plays before video content), post-roll (plays after video content) and mid-roll video (plays in the middle of video content) advertising that plays in streaming video players such as YouTube or Hulu
•Text Ads- Linked text advertisements most commonly associate with Google Search

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