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What is the difference between Interconnect, Satellite and UVerse?

Posted by on Nov 1, 2013 in Radio and Cable, Smartpedia | 0 comments

These are three different cable terms that describe the different delivery systems used to cover television markets. Interconnect is the combination of all the hard wired cable providers in a certain market, grouped together for sales purposes. The Interconnect in Washington DC is called “Comcast Interconnect /Washington, DC,” which includes the 20 different Comcast cable provided areas in the DC/VA/MD Metro area. Satellite is when viewers use a satellite dish to receive their programming, provided by either DirectTV or Dish Network. UVerse is another name for AT&T’s fiberoptic delivery service, which is now being incorporated into the Interconnects in various markets instead of sold separately.
All of these terms refer to coverage on a market wide level, and cannot be geo-targeted to a county or zip code level. You would need to buy all three systems in order to reach all the viewers who watch non-broadcast networks.

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