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McAuliffe Proves Money Isn’t Everything

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Terry McAuliffe placed a total of $2.1 million on broadcast, cable, and radio advertising in the Virginia democratic primary, outspending his opponent Creigh Deeds 2 to 1 and proving that money couldn’t disguise his Syracuse accent in the Old Dominion.

McAuliffe was up on broadcast and cable for five months in Norfolk, Richmond, and Roanoke, but he spent 50% of his overall budget in one week when he entered into all markets in Virginia from 6/1-6/9, placing a total $1.1 million in advertising.

Creigh Deeds spent a total of $1.1 million on broadcast, cable and radio advertising for the entire election. Instead of running ads for several months like his opponent did, Deeds only went up on air during the last five weeks leading up until the primary. Like McAuliffe, Deeds spent 50% of his total budget for broadcast and cable for the week of 6/1-6/9, placing $502k in all markets across the state.

McAuliffe spent 28% of his overall budget in the inefficient Washington, DC market, spending more than three times as much there than Deeds did. He placed nearly $600k in broadcast and cable during the last week, while Deeds placed $162k. Despite this spending advantage, Deeds won the market by a moderate margin.

Spending and Voting Comparison

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