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Research & Planning

Listening to your needs, asking questions that yield key insights and devising plans that solve your challenges, SMG establishes a solid foundation for your campaign. Our proprietary research tools create a clear understanding of your target, guiding the construction of layered multi-platform plans. Custom visualizations help us convey plans and demonstrate metrics as we quantify the audience, your goals and costs required to achieve desired results. Employing radio, cable, digital, mobile, tablet, broadcast TV, print and outdoor, your message is in front of the right audience at the right time.


Creating a media plan that considers geographic boundaries, media markets and target audiences has proven challenging to traditional media tools. So we created our own, a custom-built mapping software. SmartMaps allows us to visualize media markets and help clients understand where media dollars are being invested, as well as monitor trends and performance. With a complex variety of factors in play, SmartMaps has particular value in political campaign strategy, helping project victory scenarios and develop post-election analysis.


Buying media is both a science and an art at SMG, combining critical cost analysis with strong negotiating skills to create innovative buying solutions. Tracking competitive spending, we keep an eye on the media your competition places and position your ads for strategic advantage.


Fulfillment of your media plan is achieved through SMG’s proprietary traffic software, SmartTraffic. This award- winning solution allows us to communicate with creative firms producing commercials and the media outlets that air them. Efficient, exacting and comprehensive, SmartTraffic ensures that the right spot runs at the right times in the right places, providing essential accountability. By maintaining a complete database of station contacts, SmartTraffic verifies timely, accurate delivery of instructions to each station, generates a spot calendar showing when ads have aired and GRPs attained, and enables dynamic response to achievement of a spot’s exposure goals.


SMG is dedicated to being good stewards of your media dollars. When discrepancies between invoices and payments arise, we pursue refunds as appropriate. We check diligently for vendor traffic and scheduling errors and hold vendors accountable for larger refunds than a standard reconciliation practice yields. Ensuring our clients’ return on investment and maintaining the integrity of their campaign’s media spending is very important to us.


To create a competitive advantage for our clients, SMG developed Delta, a dedicated ad spending tracking service for political campaigns. Delta provides up-to-date information, notifying SMG of competitor spending as soon as a media buy is placed. We can visually analyze this data by station, flight date, market, advertiser, spot length and media type to anticipate the impending challenges our clients face. Delta makes sense of the high volume of political advertising by breaking down spending by market and calculating which side is achieving the highest GRPs by market. Daily written analysis from Delta reveals new activity in the race, allowing SMG to provide clients with expert analysis in a consistent reporting format, notifying campaigns as soon as anything changes. Clients can log in to our online reporting platform at any time to see current data and keep an eye on the competition.

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