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In-Game Mobile Advertising for Politicians

Posted by on Apr 11, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments


While the growth of mobile advertising is nothing new, there are some interesting trends and opportunities in this marketing tool.  According to mobile marketing research, mobile web browsing will overtake desktop searching by 2015 and gaming is currently the most popular function. In-game mobile advertising is a unique opportunity because users are playing a game to pass time and are more apt to pay attention to advertising as compared to other functions which they are looking for information quickly. According to Kleiner Perkin, mobile gaming is a $50 billion marketplace and Google AdMob reaches 72 million devices.

Companies such as Greystripe and AdMob can place ads into games as easily as the current Google Adwords system.  While the click-through rate is as low as regular internet ads, the branding potential is high. Imagine seeing your candidate’s face, slogan, and message every third game of solitaire or “Angry Birds”. The ads can also be geo-targeted for statewide and local races. 

Maybe this form of advertising is the final frontier; since viewers can DVR through TV and cable ads, change the dial during radio ads, and use pop-up blockers for internet ads.  However, each time I play a “Words with Friends” game the ad appears for a couple seconds before I can skip.  This high exposure on a growing industry will be a great opportunity for candidates to improve their name recognition in 2012.

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