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Groupon Challenges LivingSocial with Ad Buy

Posted by on Aug 9, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

When election time approaches campaigns and interest groups often run ads in opponents’ districts or home territory to intimidate staffers, dampen fundraising efforts, influence a candidate’s policy position or to obfuscate their own media strategy.  These types of tactics are employed infrequently outside of the political arena; however, a good example has recently appeared in downtown Washington, DC. 

LivingSocial Inc., founded in Washington, DC in 2007, currently owns or leases office space in Washington’s’ Chinatown and continues to expand there.  The Groupon competitor owns or leases at the following locations:  918 F Street, NW; 829 7th Street, NW; and the newly acquired spot directly across from the Verizon Center at 720 7th Street, NW. 

Groupon seems to have taken notice.  The largest daily deals company recently purchased a $50,000.00 billboard across the street from LivingSocial’s new space on 7th Street.  The Midwestern deals giant may be signaling that they don’t plan to cede the lucrative District of Columbia market. 

Groupon taunts LivingSocial on 7th Street

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