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VA Gubernatorial Spending Update

Posted by on Oct 4, 2013 in Blog, Candidate | 0 comments

Here are some numbers on the current Governor’s race in the Old Dominion.

To date there has been $16.6 million in advertising placed on broadcast, cable and radio across the Commonwealth.  This includes more than 15 advertisers from Planned Parenthood to recently created Super PACs like Virginia Principles Fund PAC.  Of the $16.6 million, about $12.5 million has been spent on broadcast and about $3.8 million on cable with the balance on radio.  Currently, only Terry McAuliffe is purchasing radio. The allocation between broadcast and cable is 75% to 25%.

McAuliffe and the outside Democrat Groups have spent a total of $9.1 million to date.

For the week of October 7th the total spend is about $1.0 million with $800k on cable and $200K on broadcast.  McAuliffe is spending more than $700K next week and Planned Parenthood is up with more than $100K in Norfolk and Richmond.  Looking ahead McAuliffe is the only candidate who has booked orders up to Election Day with about $3.5 million in pre-booked orders.

Virginia Spending Tree Map

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